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Hi newbie! It is time to crack your brain. You want to learn some basics about Conversion Rate Optimization? Ok, as it is all about having fun, we leave out any (hard) related questions about data, maths and statistics. Get ready for the easy peasy quiz...

Question 1

When does conversion rate optimization give diminishing returns?
a) Once your conversion rate is 30%
b) In 5 years
c) Once you don’t see a dramatic increase in results
d) Never

Question 2

In 2011 alone, Google ran roughly ______ A/B tests?
a) 5.000
b) 7.000
c) 10.000
d) 15.000

Question 3

What is the most used testing method for improving conversions?
a) A/B testing
b) Statistical testing
c) Multivariate
d) Multi-armed bandit

Ok, and now you want to know the answers:
Question 1: D
Question 2: B
Question 3: A

What is the result saying about you?

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